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It's a damaging gas when combined and can cause damage to lungs. Fortunately I never cared about that.

If that combines spray gets into eyes, well that's just too bad isn't it?

Both household chemicals are perfectly legal too. Women should remember that.,
Ammonium Chloride isn't the danger. It's the liberation of the chlorine from the bleach that makes Chlorine gas (Household bleach, or NaOCl - mixed with Ammonia, or NH3 results in the combination of the Sodium, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen into 2NaONH3, and the Chlorine is released as Cl2) which is a vicious blister agent that burns any tissue that it comes into contact with. Technically, it's a WMD. If you have it in a container with two chambers, you can be charged with carrying a concealed weapon, and just having it set up shows intent to cause bodily harm. Unless you're planning on not having any governmental oversight after you've used it, I'd suggest something a bit more conventional there, MacGyver.