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Um, you do realize that the left controlled the information for decades, right? And as for sheer volume, the left still controls the information still.

Every single network listed there are major corporate-owned networks.
The same applies to radio and print, all major corporate-owned media outlets.
The media in this country is nearly entirely corporate-owned, how does that translate to left-wing?

Fox News give an alternative, that's why it is so successful. The fact that leftists like you continue to mock them, say they lie, and try to discredit them goes to show you how effective they are and it scares you people shitless.
Does that mean Fox News' obsession with mocking "mainstream media" is because they are scared shitless?

I mean, if Fox News was so insignificant, then you'd have nothing to worry about, right? Also, that cute little quip above is better pointed at MSNBC and the left.
I love how the right wing, and especially Fox News, always reference the "mainstream media", while at the same time always bragging they they top the ratings.

If being the most watched, most popular news network doesn't make you mainstream, then what does?