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The "Republican fashion" referred to was the notion that people who can't afford health insurance can somehow "save up" for actual health care. Don't roll your eyes like that, it makes you look stupid
That actually wasn't the thought process at all. Signed into law by Bush in 2003, the thought was that people would buy high deductible policies and save money to fill the gap.

Didn't work.

Most hourly wage type people (yes, I believe that is a 'type') won't save money, no matter what the reason.

And we 'rich' people have enough money saved up so that it doesn't matter what the deductible is.

"We, The People", are ruined, I think. Everyone 'knows' that they can't afford their own health care insurance, even though they have no idea what it would cost. And besides, if you go to the hospital they won't turn you down.

The teeter-totter has tipped. And the people on the ground have no ability to climb up. So they will just wait.:(