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  1. #1 He canít win. He wonít win. It is over,Keep us safe from the Democrats ! 
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    He canít win. He wonít win. It is over,:D

    Keeps us safe from the Democrats for another two years.

    Since February I have been saying that Barack Obama would get crushed in this yearís presidential election.

    There were times when I was a very lonely voice on the web. ďExpertsĒ who were mostly Democrat operatives and politically castrated Beltway Republicans were saying this is a big Democratic year. I never believed it for a second.

    The signs of trouble for the Democrats have always been there, if one cared to look at them.

    The Democratic operatives did not want to. The media did not want to.
    Even Eric cantor whose job it is to elect Republicans to Congress talked that way. Why? Someone would have to ask him.

    One thing was clear, however: there was not a thimble full of courage in the ranks of elected Republicans.

    While this was taking place the rank and file Democrats were steadily moving forward in their suicidal quest to nominate an inexperienced Marxist who is listed as the most liberal senator in America who happens to be Black and has a Muslim name.

    This while we are in a war against an enemy who has the same sounding names.

    The backdrop to the Obama ďsurgeĒ was that the Democratically controlled Congress was racking up record breaking low approval numbers.

    Week after week the Democrat cheerleaders in the media overlooked the fact that the GOP lost the House with a 37% approval rating.

    When there was some passing reference to these numbers the media always pointed to polls saying that about 30% of Americans thought the Republicans still controlled the House.

    I have written that this means 70% know who does control Congress and that I would bet that the percentage of actual voters in the 70% group was most likely geometrically higher that the 30% group.

    Today it is no longer ďwishful thinkingĒ or ďproof you have been smoking somethingĒ to say John McCain will crush Barack Obama. And yes I heard read those comments about me publicly and worse in private.

    Now it is no longer surprising to hear the McCain will win. I have been calling the Democratís nominee Barack McGovern since February. Now I will go one step further.


    In the meanwhile he are the numbers that say it is over. These numbers say that there will only be four elected Democrats who will be happy on Nov. 5, the Clintons, George McGovern and Walter Mondale because Barack Obama will take them off the hook as having taken the worse beatings in history.

    These are the numbers right now. To win Obama must get these numbers with these groups: women, he needs at least plus 7. He is down 12.

    White males needs at least 36%. He is battling to change the minds of this group and is not having any success. If he gets 30% he will be lucky

    Catholics: needs 50%. He is down 59/36.

    Evangelicals: needs 71%. He is running against an Evangelical and has nothing to offer these Christian voters.

    Jewish vote: needs 80%. He is at 57%.

    Black vote: needs 95%. Zogby says he has ďlost supportĒ among Black voters.

    Hispanic vote: needs 65%. The only polls available show he is at 65% so that wonít help, it will only slow the bleeding.

    Democrat base support: needs 92%. He is at 86%.

    Independents: needs 49%. He is losing 52/37.

    This one is over. On September 30, 2008 the McCain Palin campaign must plan on switching gears and start asking for votes to give them a Republican Congress. It could keep the margin down and keep us safe from the Democrats for another two years.

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    I think the presidential analysis isn't bad, but he's dreaming if he thinks there will be a "Republican Congress". Here in Virginia, we're going to add John Warner's Senate seat and Tom Davis' House seat to the "D" column, easily.
    "Today, [the American voter] chooses his rulers as he buys bootleg whiskey, never knowing precisely what he is getting, only certain that it is not what it pretends to be." - H.L. Mencken

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    Quote Originally Posted by linda22003 View Post
    I think the presidential analysis isn't bad, but he's dreaming if he thinks there will be a "Republican Congress". Here in Virginia, we're going to add John Warner's Senate seat and Tom Davis' House seat to the "D" column, easily.
    Mabey, but lets see how the Drill Now vote goes if it goes at all.

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    We have 6 weeks left to go
    Obama will win.
    And we will have to deal with Jimmy Carter II.

    STOCK UP NOW on emergency supplies.
    It's going to get back.
    I really believe it.
    If leftists didn't have double standards, they'd have no standards at all.

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