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You are using a defense that lost all of it's credibility decades ago. "Just following orders" isn't good enough anymore.
Comparing the cops at an Occupy event to the SS is despicable, even for you.

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Sometimes the rules themselves are wrong, or the people giving orders, and going along with that when you have a conscience makes you just as guilty.

Also, "they were breaking the law" doesn't justify any use of force that the police deem okay, I already gave an example of Bull Conner. He used excessive tactics against people who were breaking the law, and the excuse given was just that - "they are breaking the law".

Sitting peacefully against the orders of a police officer may be against the law, but it doesn't warrant the use of force. They can simply be arrested and dragged away. That's what ended up happening anyway.
An arrest is the use of force. Dragging them away is using force. Any physical contact is force. The cop was going through a standard escalation of force, from the least physically severe to the most. If the protesters had moved when ordered, they would not have been sprayed. If they had moved after being sprayed, they would not have been manhandled. If they had moved without being physically forced to move, then they would not have been arrested. You don't get to decide what laws and police instructions you feel like obeying, just because you're a malcontent.

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Here is a 3-tour Iraq war veteran being beaten by the police. He doesn't attack them, assault them, or pose any danger to the police, himself, or anyone else. He even continues backing up, following police orders.
I'd like to see more on this guy's service record before I accept your word that he's a vet, and even if he is, the minute that he breaks the law, he abrogates any consideration for his veterans' status. Our uniform isn't a license to break the law, in fact, it demands that we follow it. Using his status to justify his behavior simply makes the rest of us look bad, which, of course, isn't an issue for you so much as a perk, but we don't care to be associated with him, thank you very much.

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There seems to be a brief moment, where he ignores a police order, which results in a severe beating that got him hospitalized.

They ended up, again, using multiple police to hold him down and a circle of police to keep people away, so why didn't they just use 2 police to arrest him? This is more than excessive.
You obviously didn't watch the same video. I saw him facing off against a single cop who was in advance of the line, repeatedly disobeying the hand gestures to move aside. No audio, so we don't know what he said in response, but we can see him shouting. As for why they didn't just use 2 cops to arrest him, they don't do that because using too little force is dangerous for the cops, as well as the perp. A larger group is more likely to overcome resistance quickly, while a pair of cops is more likely to get injured or have to cause injury in subduing the perp.

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I guess they used their fancy computer imaging apps to edit out when the veteran pulled a weapon on the police officer

It's on video. Maybe pieces were edited out, but you can see what happens right before the beating occurs.
I saw an individual facing off with a police officer who repeatedly gestured to him to move aside. The stance was belligerent and aggressive, and he continued to face the cop and, at several points, crouched into fighting stances. Also, I didn't get any audio, so we don't know what he said to the cop in response to the lawful order to move, which means that any provocations or threats are conveniently left out. Given what we know about the violence of the protesters, their despicable and vile conduct towards the police and the overall level of anarchy that they have fostered, you're going to have to do better than this.