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  1. #1 SEIU interview on MSNBC reveals that OWS is all about Obama 
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    Remember I said this was an election year?

    OK People, Connect the Dots

    Well, this past Thursday, Ed Schultz did a story in which SEIU's president Mary Kay Henry was arrested at the Brooklyn Bridge. The Executive VP of SEIU, Tom Woodruff, was then interviewed by Ed. Woodruff stated that SEIU would support the 99% movement (OWS) with "every resource we have" and would be out there "daily." Then Ed asks the question about the connections between OWS and Obama:

    (go to 4:45 on the video clip)

    Ed: Your president, Mary Kay Henry, who was just arrested, has said that supporting the (OWS) movement and endorsing the President of the United States are complimentary, but they're separate. Explain that. You're the first union to come out in this election season-we're a year away-and you're already supporting President Obama, and you're out getting arrested, and you say it's going to happen again and you're going to be involved in it with more resources. How is it separate?

    Tom Woodruff: Look, it's President Obama that put a job's program out to put people back to work in this country. It's President Obama that is better than any of the candidates. But the election next year, while it's extremely important, is not the goal. The goal is to win for working people and middle class Americans....
    We had heard from previous sources that SEIU was one of the main movers behind OWS. For Pro-Obama Woodruff to be committing "every resource we have" to OWS, he must be pretty sure that Occupy will support Obama, at least ideologically. Remember, real grass roots movements against banks and the "bailout" would include many different political stripes: the Tea Party hated the bailouts. Ron Paul supporters would want the Fed audited, and the Green Party would certainly support a pro-worker agenda. But notice that you don't see any real political affiliation being stated with OWS in the streets: it's only the occasional insider interview that demonstrates that OWS is really about Obama getting re-elected.

    And lest you think I am pushing this, take a look at this clip from Ed Schultz in which he points out that the goals of OWS are the same as the 2008 Democratic party platform:

    (start at 4:55)

    Ed: "It's time to tax the's time to end the wars...It's time to restore Glass-Steagal...It's time to repeal Citizens United....It's time to get money out of politics; can we have elections Federally funded?...It's time to invest in infrastructure and's time to stop busting labor's time to stand and defend Medicare and Medicaid and Social's time to stop the spending cuts and start investing in America....

    ...If any of this stuff sounds familiar, you know what it is?...Hell, this is nothing but the Democratic Platform that the party adopted in 2008 at the National Convention....
    Ed Schultz has spilled the beans. That's why it's worth it to watch MSNBC: they take the entire mystery out of OWS for the party faithful who watch. Ed does explain that Citizens United is recent, and it's the only item on the list that wasn't in the original DNC document. (See 6:23-6:30)

    And, just a final note: if all of these things were on the Democratic Party Platform and Obama has had 4 years to enact them, why did he not do so? He had a Democratic Congress and Senate for two years, and the Senate was filibuster proof thanks to the Al Franken debacle. So, why didn't Obama immediate restore Glass-Steagal? Why didn't he get the money out of politics or invest in infrastructure in a big way or stop the spending cuts, etc. Why the hell did he push through Obamacare which is the worst of government and corporate worlds in one package? Why did he push for a mandate when so many people were out of work? Instead of building the economy, Keynes style, he gave people a mandatory government-controlled private insurance to buy with no money.

    The real secret is that Obama is a Wall Street puppet. That's why banking reforms (like a return to Glass-Steagal) never happened, even with majorities in both houses.

    Next week, OWS has decided to occupy Congress. It's a good start, but until these silly people get wise, shake free from the SEIU and other Obama worshipers, and occupy the damned White House, they will never get to the true rot in the system.

    And while they're at it, they can occupy Jon Stewart, whose brother Larry Leibowitz is head of the New York Stock Exchange, and whose coverage of Occupy has been negative: Stewart was one of the first to cover the porta-potty/bathroom problems and his last report on OWS was a slam on their "class system". Remember that Jon was the guy who called Obama "dude" when he interviewed the President last year. Maybe he knows something we don't.
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