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    Quote Originally Posted by Bailey View Post
    No the Germans the soviets gobbled up at the end of the war mostly built it but nice try and they stole the plans for the bombs from us. (Rosenbughs) (sp)

    LOL! once again Wee Wee's Communist Indoctrination fails him miserably.
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    The libs/dems of today are the Quislings of former years. The cowards who would vote a fraud into office in exchange for handouts from the devil.
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    Quote Originally Posted by txradioguy View Post
    LOL! once again Wee Wee's Communist Indoctrination fails him miserably.
    I am sure they'd come up with the bomb and rockets on their own but stealing secrets from us sped up the process considerably
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wei Wu Wei View Post
    So fascism invented rocketry and communism invented space flight?

    In the beginnings of the space race, the top tax rates were near 90% in the US and the government was doing massive infrastructure spending.
    Are you really this dense? What am I saying, of course you are.
    The Obama Administration: Deny. Deflect. Blame.
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