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    Quote Originally Posted by NJCardFan View Post
    I'm not missing the point. You see it all the time on DU. "I hate the rich"is the mantra. And I guess Obama doesn't get one dollar from Wall Street companies.
    They only hate it when they don't like the party that is getting the money. They're totally cool with it as long as it's going to DemonRat coffers. They absolutely live by the saying that "The end justifies the means."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wei Wu Wei View Post
    Also, any OWS protester who never thinks beyond "I hate rich people" is a naive and ignorant fool who needs to think harder, get better educated, and keep their mouths shut.

    There are some fools like this, but not all of them are this dense.
    No, just 99% of them.
    Sic Hacer Pace, Para Bellum.

    Before you can do things for people, you must be the kind of man who can get things done. But to get things done, you must love the doing, not the people!
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