November 18, 2011

(Daily Mail By ASH TULETT) - This is the bizarre moment an upset woman ransacked a Chinese restaurant before she took all her clothes off, set fire to the cash register, and paraded naked in the street.

elderly woman nude

The incident started when she walked into Dragon China restaurant in Brooklyn, New York, and demanded free food after finding the word ‘free’ on the take-out menu.

Attempts to calm the unidentified woman, who is believed to be in her 50s, failed, and she began to throw everything in sight, screaming with rage and flailing at any object or person in her path.

Restaurant’s owner Dajo Zhao said that the woman then slammed her fingers down on the menu and asked the cashier: ‘Everything is for free?’ , while screaming, ‘Free! Free! Free! Free!’

A stunned eyewitness said: ‘We couldn’t really make out what she was saying, but she reached behind her back and unzipped her skirt, pulled down her underwear, kicked off her shoes, ripped off her top, unsnapped her bra and started parading around – still in the middle of the street.

‘She jumped onto the hood of a car that was trying to get through the intersection and spread eagle on it.

‘Then she slid off and ran into the Chinese food restaurant and trashed the place.’

Locals know the woman as a regular, where she has often been seen talking to herself while walking down the street.

Restaurant Noreen Monier said: ‘She mutters to herself and argues a little, but she seems well taken care of.

‘But on Thursday, at least, it was clear that the woman had snapped.’

The scene, which lasted about 45 minutes, drew roughly 300 onlookers who snapped pictures, heckled and took video of the chaos.

Just before the police, ambulance and fire department came, the elderly vandal took all the cash in the till and threw it on top of the oven before setting fire to it.

Female police officers tried to contain the naked woman by wrapping her in a blanket, but she slipped out of their grasp repeatedly before they were finally able to cuff and cover her.

One onlooker said: ‘No one could get close to her to grab the one inside because she was throwing glass bottles at everyone from the coolers in the Chinese restaurant dining room.

‘She was pretty strong too because she even broke away from the three police officers trying to restrain her.’
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