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  1. #1 "Sarah Palin wants a free pass because she's a WOMAN!" 
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    "Sarah Palin wants a free pass because she's a WOMAN!"

    Fox and Friends | 9-12-08 | dem strategist on FOX

    Anyone else see this? This guy was attacking Sarah Palin as inexperienced and became frustrated when forced to compare hers to Obama's.

    He then SHOUTED: "Sarah Palin wants a free pass because she's a WOMAN!"

    Mike Papantonio was the jerk.

    LOL! Another gaffe, another news cycle devoted to Sarah Palin.
    0bama was last seen saying, ‘This is mine. I’m Michelle’s husband. I was a community organizer and this is mine! I just got to get up, and step up to the plate. Then out of nowhere came Sarah Palin! I was a community organizer, I’m entitled, there’s a woman stealing my show.’
    "Sarah Palin wants a free pass because she's a WOMAN!"

    No she deserves a free pass because she's Clean, Conservative and is I.D.D.G.!!!
    ("IDDG. Intelligent, Drop-Dead Gorgeous.)

    Papantonio co-hosts Ring of Fire on Air America Radio with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., which airs weekly on Saturdays from 5-7 p.m. EST. He also sits on the Board of Directors of Air America Radio. On the radio show Papantonio (a Methodist) often criticizes the Christian right. He has said that "I come from a pretty strong spiritual center, but it doesn't change the way I judge people. Simply put, the Sermon on the Mount makes much more sense to me than the frenzied rantings of America's new 'religious right.' They have become an element of American politics that threatens our sense of decency as well as our democracy."

    His role in the show is featured in the 2006 documentary Jesus Camp, in which he offers commentary on many of the scenes depicted. According to DVD commentary by the film's directors, Papantonio was added to the film later on because they felt there wasn't any "tension" in it, and they wanted another viewpoint.

    [edit] Personal life
    Papantonio is married and has one daughter. He is an avid scuba diver and often dives on the Emerald Coast.

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    Govenor Palin has the executive experience and the moral standing that Obama doesn't have.

    If anyone is getting a free pass - it's definately OBAMA.
    If leftists didn't have double standards, they'd have no standards at all.

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