Awwww poor widdle POS isn't happy...

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I have seen young girls beaten, pepper sprayed and groped by the NYPD. I have been kettled for disobeying no laws. I have seen illegal search and seizure. I have seen voices silenced. I have seen press arrested and coralled. I have seen American citizens denied access to Broadway in New York City at 10 am unless they have a bank ID. I have been cuffed for basically standing too near an angry riot cop. I have seen the NYPD disobey court injunctions and try to intimidate lawyers. I have seen all of this with my own eyes. Through thousands of electronic devices I have seen far worse documented in other cities.

And Obama is silent. He is silent as US citizens, many of whom most likely voted for him three years ago, are beaten in the streets. So much for the 1st, 4th, 9th and 14th ammendment Mr President.

No mention of course of his scumbag buds doing anything's always "da man"!!!!

And widdle play protester goes home every night.

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I live in Brooklyn and had been going home nights. I volunteer for a working group and attend as many Direct Actions as possible though. I guess Im just frusrated and feel that the narrative has been so twisted and spun by the media. Even the Times reported that a bloody protester pictured from Thursday "fell down and hurt his face while resisting arrest"

The nypd was seizing cameras after they beat and tackled him. This is America?