Well it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without a DUmmie "Family Tale" :D

Cyrano (1000+ posts) Wed Nov-23-11 12:23 PM
Original message Thanksgiving dinner + wingnut relatives = a horrible day

I have two wingnut in-laws who will be at Thanksgiving dinner and they always want to talk politics.

There's just no way I can avoid it. I've considered faking a heart attack or stroke to escape this ordeal, but I doubt if I'd get away with it.

These are people who think Ronald Reagan is God and that Newt Gingrich is a genius. They are against everything that most sane people believe in. They are intolerable dittoheads and Fox "News" addicts. And they are people I really don't want to be on the same planet with.

(Cyrano, assuming this is real, I'm sure they think you're an arrogant know-it-all little Libtard prick!! :))

If I ever spoke up, I know I'd blow up. It really could become physical. (Big "Tough Guy" Libtard!!!!)

So I'm stuck with a day that I used to love that has become a horror. I can usually avoid them most of the year, but this is one day I'm stuck with. Maybe I'll get lucky and choke to death on some cranberry sauce.

I've often asked myself why I put up with it. There's no arguing a different point of view with them, but I'd really like to tell them to shut their stupid fucking mouths. However, that would cause irreparable damage within my family with which I'm very close.

I'm sure that some of you have the same problem and you have my sympathy.

Nonetheless, Happy Thanksgiving to all here. I hope it's a good one.

Happy Thanksgiving Cyrano. Maybe the cat will pee in your mashed taters!!! :D