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KS teen gets in trouble for tweet about governor

Emma Sullivan’s trip to Topeka with other high school students to learn about government taught her a few unexpected lessons:

• Gov. Sam Brownback’s office monitors social media for postings containing the governor’s name.

• Some folks exhibit little sense of humor or appreciation of free expression.

• And sometimes a few “joking” words can land a student in the principal’s office, drafting a letter of apology.

All that resulted from a tweet the Shawnee Mission East High School senior wrote Monday during Brownback’s greeting to young people who were brought in for a closer look at the political process.

“Just made mean comments at gov. brownback and told him he sucked, in person #heblowsalot,” Sullivan thumbed from the back of the crowd.

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From the above article:

Brownback’s director of communication wasn’t amused when the tweet was spotted during the routine daily monitoring of comments on Twitter and Facebook mentioning the governor’s name.

“That wasn’t respectful,” responded Sherriene Jones-Sontag. “In order to really have a constructive dialogue, there has to be mutual respect.”

Brownback’s brief speech to the students encouraged them to “be active in their government, community and public service,” Jones-Sontag says.

The tweet was the only one brought to her attention that day, she says, and it was passed along to the Youth in Government program, which organized the students’ visit to the capital.

“It was important for the organization to be aware of the comments their students were making.” Jones-Sontag says. “It’s also important for students to recognize the power of social media, how lasting it is. It is on the Internet.”

Sullivan says things developed quickly: She landed in the principal’s office for a scolding that lasted nearly an hour. She says she was told the “not so nice” comments had embarrassed her school and the district and that “damage control” with the governor’s office was the next step.

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So it wasn't Brownback that called the school. It was the organization that organized the visit.
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22. If only she'd spelled his name correctly -

Sam BROWNHOLE, then his office spies might not have found the tweet while they were searching.

He was Senator Brownhole, and now he's Gov. Brownhole. An embarrassment to Kansas.
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3. I support that kid's right to freedom of speech..

And she's absolutely correct!
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4. Once again we see the rethug's cant take it.

It's called free speech, you stinking fascist pig.

Good for her, altho I would have told them to
pound sand instead of writing an apology.
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5. Thin skinned much?

What happened to the 1st Amendment? He's a public figure and as long as it's not threats, he should STFU!
The student learned that 'She wasn't in America anymore.'

I wish she would refuse to write the apology, and take it to court if she is punished.
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6. Her mom was just interviewed on local TV

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She's pretty angry. She thinks they are blowing this way out of proportion.
Is it any wonder so many kids are so rude and without manners when parents condone rudeness if it's their little one being rude to someone they don't agree with.
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13. This is way way more than "blowing it out of proportion".

The school is colluding with the Governor's office to repress freedom of speech.

The school is sending a message to students that repressing freedom of speech is ok.
Read again what the school told the girl.
Read again how the girl is "afraid" of what the school can do to ruin her college chances, over a tweet.

This is part of the pattern of government controlling education that is happening all around the country.

I would be suing, if it were my kid.
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15. She didn't threaten Brownback's life. She exercised her First Amendment Right to Expression

and her right to dissent.
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23. From what I gather the school sponsered the trip

and thus have every right to make the girl apologize for the tweet. Let's be blunt here. If this were a school district and Obama and the district refused to punish the student nearly everyone in this thread would surmise the school district agreed with the tweet. It is no different here. The governor on the other hand is in the wrong.
He/she is right. If a student tweeted that ON A SCHOOL TRIP about Obama they would be livid. When conservatives are uncivil it's "hate", when liberals do it it's "free speech" and back slapping time.
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29. It sounds more like they were herded in and forced to listen to Brownback’s propaganda

The student identified herself as a liberal, so I doubt she would have voluntarily gone. So it sounds like the price of her being involved with the Youth in Government program was being force fed propaganda by Brownback. And the principal berated her for an hour? Sounds like he's a wingnut. And no, I wouldn't have agreed with the school district regardless. This is obviously free speech, and I may not agree with what someone has to say, but I'm not going to claim they don't have a right to say it.