proud2BlibKansan Donating Member (1000+ posts)
Mon Nov-28-11 01:10 PM
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No penalty for teen who tweeted about KS governor Updated at 6:34 PM

They revoked her punishment and are taking no further action!!!

Yep, no punishment for the student, but how much you want to bet that when this school wants to take others on government tours that they aren't going to find such an open welcome

This student is a direct reflection on the school. This isn't a "free speech" issue. It's an issue of common courtesy when you are a guest.
Arugula Latte Donating Member (1000+ posts)
Mon Nov-28-11 01:12 PM
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1. Well, well, looks like sunlight made the cockroaches skitter away.
kath Donating Member (1000+ posts)
Mon Nov-28-11 01:14 PM
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2. The school district SHOULD "take further action" - they should fire the asshole fascist principal.

His actions should not be allowed to stand unpunished.
Expecting students to act in a courteous manner when they are representing the school is a reason to fire a principal.
JackRiddler (1000+ posts)
Mon Nov-28-11 01:15 PM
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4. A lesson in standing up to political intimidation that many others need to learn.

From someone who isn't even 18 yet.
MarianJack Donating Member (1000+ posts)
Mon Nov-28-11 01:30 PM
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7. What SHOULD be News is that...

...Kansas deciding to respect the First Amendment for someone speaking negatively about a right winger IS news worthy, rather than standard proceedure.
I'm also willing to bet that unless she works for a far left liberal organization after she graduates from college that she is going to find this to be a barrier to finding work where she has any significant responsibilities.

No one wants someone working for them that cannot respect someone elses view, or at least act in a courteous, respectful manner in those situations.

If she had apologized then it would show that she understood that courtesy is an important part of life and it probably wouldn't effect her long term.

The leftists, including her mother have given her bad advice that is going to follow her around.