A general was thinking one day if sex was work or pleasure so he called three fellow soldiers into his office. When they were before him he barked to the Captian first and said I want to know is sex work or pleasure?
The captin said well I think that sex is 50% work and 50% pleasure. The General dismissed him.
Second he asked the Sgt standing infront of him Sgt is sex work or pleasure? The Sgt said sir I think it is 30% work and 70% pleasure. The General then dismissed him with a snort.
The General the got in the face of a very young private and said speak freely tell me is sex work or pleasure. The private said yes sir, sex is 100% work. The General said why do you say that private? The private said sir with all due respect but if sex had anything to do with pleasure then those assholes never would let me do it.
This made the General smile and he dismissed the private with a smile and said well you better get to "work"