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  1. #1 How Democrats are being Taught How Not to Protest - NYTs 
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    The O.W.S. protesters, on the other hand, havenít even settled on concrete political objectives. As two of the movementís more perceptive conservative critics ó Matt Continetti in The Weekly Standard and James Panero in The New Criterion ó have said, many protesters seemed more interested in founding a kind of Paris Commune or Oneida Community in Zuccotti Park than in actually participating in public-policy debates...

    But thereís a sense in which the pipeline protesters and Midwestern unions are exactly the people that the O.W.S. crowd should not learn from, if they aspire to appeal to a wider audience than left-wing activists usually reach. ....

    • The Wisconsin protests didnít defend American workersí right to bargain for their fair share of company profits, as traditional union protests have. They defended government employeesí right to negotiate with elected officials over the division of taxpayer dollars ó a recipe for profligacy that even liberal icons like Franklin Roosevelt and the A.F.L.-C.I.O.ís George Meany once opposed.

    • Likewise, the Keystone protesters havenít been defending ďthe interests of wage-earning Americans,Ē to borrow the historian Michael Kazinís description of the historic purpose of the American left. Theyíve been harnessing the power of the Democratic Partyís wealthy environmentalist donors to actively kill off American jobs.

    • Stopping the pipeline wonít drive down demand for fossil fuels, or prevent Canadaís oil from being extracted and shipped around the world. But for a small group of activists and donors, keeping the pipeline out of their national backyard is all that counts, even if American workers pay the price.

    Funny, the NYTs, is telling the children, don't act like us. What we did doesn't work.
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    Democrats have been slavring over the end of the US since 1963. This is as close as they have ever gotten.
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