Hi everyone,

I just wanted to inform all of you that NETFLIX hates Christmas. Here's why:

I did a search on the word "Christmas" on NETFLIX on my Google TV. Every single time, the search engine either added an 's' to the word "Christmas" or deleted an 's' from the word "Christmas". In other words, the term "Christmas" is an unacceptable search term on NETFLIX.

I called up NETFLIX to try and resolve the situation, but all they said was that it is Google's fault, because Google controls the application. Naturally, I didn't believe this, because if NETFLIX really didn't want to be "politically correct", then the Christmas specials would not have been catagorized under "Holiday", which I explained to the guy that this could mean 4th of July, New Year's Eve or Haloween, in the first place.

So should I cancel my $17+/month subscription as a result of this??

Please help me out. Thanks.