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    A sourpuss teacher in Rockland County ruined Christmas for a class full of second-graders this week, when she told them that there is no Santa Claus during a lesson about the North Pole.

    The evil educator even told the youngsters — mostly 7- and 8-year-olds — that the presents under their trees were put out by their parents, and not St. Nick.
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    From the OP article...

    “It’s outrageous that a teacher would strip a child of their innocence and try and demystify something,” said Margaret Fernandez, 59.

    Why is it the responsibility of everyone else to make certain kids do not discover their parents lied to them?

    Having said that...It would be nice to see the teachers comment in context. Was she being deliberately vicious or was she simply setting the record straight during a geography lesson...Kind of like if one of the kids said "I know! I know! The Pilgrims came from China!" To which the teacher would, correctly so, clear up the confusion.
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