Some times there are stuff they send out that make you think, WTF are they doing.

Dear P,

Together, we made history in the last presidential election.

From Hillary's speech at the Democratic National Convention, to the work and support that each of us brought to the campaign, that story lives on -- in the history books, in our memories, and in the mementos that commemorate that time.

Now, those mementos are disappearing as your fellow supporters claim the last of them.

We only have a few official campaign posters, buttons and t-shirts left. We're running out of the DVDs with Hillary's historic speech at the 2008 Denver convention, the inspiring video that introduced her, and President Clinton's speech -- some of which are signed by President Clinton himself.
Once these last items are gone, they're gone forever.

Make a contribution today and we'll send you one of the last DVDs with Hillary's and President Clinton's convention speeches.

In her speech in Denver, Hillary told us, 'You allowed me to become part of your lives. And you became part of mine.'

As we all know, campaigns are tough, but having loyal supporters like you helped make Hillary's campaign one that will never be forgotten.

By making a contribution today, you will have your own personal remembrance of the "determination to keep going, often in the face of enormous obstacles" -- one of the last such mementos there will ever be. And all contributions will go to paying the last of the expenses the campaign incurred while making our historic stand.

Contribute today to receive one of the last commemorative campaign DVDs or another one of our last few items.

'You never gave in. You never gave up. And together, we made history.'
Those words are as true today as they were when Hillary first spoke them. I hope you'll reserve your piece of history today.

Thank you again,


Hillary Clinton for President
The BS aside, and the odd "Hillary Clinton for President" at the bottom, that bolded line stands out.

As I said in the '12 Pres. thread, Clinton only suspended her bid, meaning she can continue to collect donations. And this is the latest email seeking them.

But here is the thing for those who paid attention.

Clinton hits milestone in trying to clear campaign debt

April 16, 2009|By Robert Yoon CNN Political Research Director

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reached an important milestone Wednesday in her quest to pay the debt from her failed 2008 presidential bid: For the first time in eight months, her campaign committee reported having more money in the bank than it owes.

On a day most Americans were preoccupied with filing their federal income taxes, Clinton's campaign committee filed finance documents with the Federal Election Commission, reporting a total of $2.3 million in debts at the end of March, compared with $2.6 million in the bank.
Its been paid off. So that begs the question. What is she up too. The FEC has strict rules on what this money can be used for.