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  1. #1 Police evict Occupy Boston protesters; 46 arrested 
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    More losers sent packing... :D

    By the CNN Wire Staff
    updated 12:32 PM EST, Sat December 10, 2011

    (CNN) -- Police arrested 46 people Saturday morning after they swept through a downtown city square in Boston, Massachusetts, evicting "Occupy" protesters encamped there since late September, officials said.

    CNN affiliate WCVB broadcast images of handcuffed demonstrators being led away by police, who first offered the group the option of leaving before making arrests, according to police spokesman Eddy Chrispin.

    "The city is in the process of clean-up and trying to restore Dewey Square to its prior state," said Chrispin. "For the most part, it was nonviolent."

    I guess the next "Big Thing" is the stupid Port Protest tomorrow...:D
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    Is Occupy still going on?

    Once they busted up the Philly camp I have seen no mention of it (the movement) on our local news. :D
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    I think it's still going on here in San Jose but they've pretty much had their 15 minutes of fame and are out of the news.
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