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It's political correctness run amock. The reason why schools use those terms is because there are other holidays in this season-mostly New Year's and Hannukah. Using the term "Holiday Concert" was meant to be inclusive to others, including those who celebrate Christmas in a secular way. Using the term "Holiday Season" includes those other two holidays that fall in the general time period.
I guess there was a terrible time long ago where Christians excluded all those other religions? Something had to be done because little Achmed, his seven brothers, and the Stein family recently moved in. The 99% of Christians MUST embrace the others. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE I SAY!
I just don't get why some Christians get their panties in such a wad over this. If you still call it Christmas and celebrate the religious aspects of the holiday, why does it matter what terms Macys or Best "But" uses in their advertising or employee calender? Does it change the way you celebrate the holiday?
*Unbunches panties*
Whew, that's better. What matters is that the businesses are bowing to pressure of a few over the desires of the main stream. Atheists are not in the majority in this country (yet), and should not be forcing their minority opinion on the rest of us. The businesses that cave to this pressure should hear about it from us bunched up panties crowd.