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I'm sure that goes over well at the patrol briefings where White, Black, Asian, and Latino Officers shoot at each other for a few minutes before they begin their daily patrols together.
American police are a mirror of America. I worked with White, Hispanic, Black and a couple of American Indian officers during my time. We had all taken the oath of office and did our jobs. Color or race didn't enter into it.

Has Sonna taken a look at our Border Patrol agents and/or Immigration officers along the Mexican border? Are they racist? Most, or a very considerable number, are Hispanic Americans.

We live in a small village of about 100 people, here in New Mexico. We are the only Anglo Americans in the village. The others are Hispanic Americans most whose ancestors have been here for 4 centuries and more. Every single one, and we know all the people in this village, despise the illegal aliens. They don't like them, don't want them in the country and refuse to hire them for haying season or to work on their ranches. They're 'Mojados," which means wetback and considered one of the most derogatory terms they have.