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    I've been saying it all along...can we PLEASE get this guy more mic time.

    He could make gaffes like this 24/7 and unless the media chose to cover one would know...or if it did get reported it would get spun in such a way that we look like idiots for questioning what he said...just like now.

    Hell the media won't even do it's job in reporting the fact he's charging the Secret Service agents that guard him rent when he's at his place in Delaware...or that he's boated about it and the fact he's not going to stop.

    With a few exceptions...the media is completely in the tank and willing to do whatever it takes to make these mental midgets look like the smartest guys in the room.
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    Heard a commenter the other day call them "Beavis Obama" and "Joe Butthead".

    Hehe ...
    Liberalism is just communism sold by the drink.
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