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  1. #1 SAY WHAT YOU WANT about President 8 years, Bush NEVER did this. 
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    1. Bu$h would be at the chicken ranch by now.

    Obama is remaining in Washington to work on this issue, risking missing Christmas with his family.
    Can't think of the last time a President has worked for the people through the holidays.Greed is the only thing the Republican Party cares about!
    Yeah, Obama is a real trooper...

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    25. Yikes a post in defense of Bush?

    If you notice the OP cites examples of what real people had to say ie: Can't have pizza night with daughters, would pay for more gets to the heart of the matter.

    What you cite as Bush quotes, speaks in generalities. Not a single quote from a single person about what an extra $40.00 means.

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    28. re-inforcing the Reagan tax cut mantra

    Indeed, why the extra step of taking money out of SS only to immediately pay it back from the general fund. That's practically the definition of a ponzi scheme. What isn't getting funded out of the general fund so that SS can be re-paid? Isn't SS prohibited by law from drawing money from the general fund?

    Worse, Obama is framing the debate as, once again, "the answer to everything is a tax cut." Someone tell me how the payroll tax gets restored when Obama has served up the perfect attack ad for anyone proposing such a thing.

    I can see it now, "President Obama wants to raise the very taxes he said were vital to cut. <cue clip of Obama pressing for payroll tax cut as being vital to the economy and talking about how important even an extra $1,000 is to most Americans> Well, I think most Americans would say they still need that money, Mr. President. I stand with them in opposition to this tax hike. Times are tough, let's not make them tougher."

    Anyone seriously doubt this will happen? In any debate about any tax increase, payroll or otherwise?
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    In all his years in office, I can find only one good thing obama has done,

    He took Bo shopping at Petsmart and let him buy $41.00 in new toys.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tipsycatlover View Post
    In all his years in office, I can find only one good thing obama has done,

    He took Bo shopping at Petsmart and let him buy $41.00 in new toys.
    But they flew him back from Hawaii to do it.
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