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  1. #1 59-year-old woman makes impossible hockey shot 
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    59-year-old woman makes impossible hockey shot

    Make the shot, win a prize. It's a staple of carnivals around the world - a deceptively simple game that is in practice nearly impossible. This video shows the hockey version of the age old game: hit the puck all the way down the rink into a net almost completely blocked off but for one puck-sized hole. No one could make that shot. Well, no one except for Brenda Hewett, who won a pickup truck at an Akwesasne Warriors minor league hockey game by doing the impossible. But what's more impossible to believe: that Mrs. Hewett made the shot, or that she'd never before held a hockey stick in her life? >>>

    Mrs. Brenda Hewlett 59 years old won a chance to be one of 5 people to shoot the puck to win a brand new 2011 Ford F150 4x4, Brenda had been in t...he dealership on friday morning to get some service work done to her old truck, & had said "god I wish I could afford a new truck mine is falling apart" Joe Jock my service manager said "here fill out this ballot & win one" both started laughing.

    It's a one in a Gazzilion shot from 114 feet away, the opening is almost the exact size of a regulation size hockey puck. Mrs. Hewlett has never even held a hockey stick in her entire life let alone ever shot a puck.

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    That was Greyt!!!!
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    It. Could. Go. All. The. Way.

    I saw this video yesterday. The fact that she never held a hockey stick before in her life just adds to the awesomeness.

    "God I wish I could afford a new truck mine is falling apart". And to think there are those that don't believe. ;)
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    I LOVE IT!

    That's why ya buy lottery tickets. Never give up!
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    Noice. I could never make that shot because I'm a high side shooter.
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