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    Charlie Rangel Stops Divorce Proceedings amid Tax Debacle

    "The only reason Charlie Rangel is withdrawing his divorce is that spouses can't be forced to
    testify in court."

    Beleaguered Harlem Congressman Charles Rangel withdrew his divorce against his 77 year old wife of 42 years on the same day he came clean on his Dominican Republic tax dodge, The Post has learned.

    Rangel, whom the House ethics committee is probing for misusing Congressional stationery and a sweetheart rent control deal, had originally blamed his wife, Alma, 77, a retired social worker, for the Caribbean casita tax accounting snafu.

    The same day, he agreed to pay $5,000 in back taxes on his Punta Cana Yacht Club retreat and by the afternoon, Alma Rangel's lawyer, Sherri Donovan, asked the court clerk to release the Manhattan Supreme Court panel.

    The Congressman filed for divorce on Feb. 13 last year. The case had been scheduled for jury selection Wednesday."I guess they worked it out," said the jury clerk.

    Page Six reported last year that the couple had separated and were living in separate apartments in the same building, but the Congressman always denied it.

    "I don't know anything about that. My husband is here and we still live together," she said today. "We have two children and three grandchildren."
    Very odd for a case like that to settle for $5,000. I think you are right sjerseyguy, bad things can come out during a divorce case.

    I used to be the tax prosecutor on a Caribbean island. One day I get a priority package from the tax commissioner's was a copy of an order from a judge in a divorce case directing the tax department to audit a couple. I had to call the judge to tell her she could not do that...she knew. She just wanted to get our attention.

    It seems that there was this couple getting a divorce. The husband used their joint tax returns as evidence of the marital income. The wife took the stand and testified that those returns were false. She then described all the kinds of income they had that were not reported on the returns. She stated that they hid the income and did not report it because they did not want to pay taxes.

    Can you say "felony?" I knew you could!
    The only reason Charlie Rangel is withdrawing his divorce is that spouses can't be forced to testify in court. If they were divorced, she could (and probably would) be able to give prosecutors enough to put him in prison for a long time.

    But the press doesn't really care about all this, Because Rangel's a liberal Democrat. If he were a Republican, the press and his fellow Congressmen would be hanging him out to dry, and demanding his resignation from both his chairmanship and his Congressional seat. But since he's a Democrat, he (like all the rest) gets a pass. The press would rather to Obama and Pelosi's bidding and attack Sarah Palin instead. She must really have Obama worried, since they're all so intent on making her look bad...
    What a surprise to watch this windbag slither around trying to escape his fate. Oh, and the pompous rich politicians, they will slither to and fro. Cause they ain't like you and me bro, they be above the laws they write that make life miserable for you and me. I hope they put this hissing serpant in a cage where he belongs.
    Keep it up NY Post! Keep slamming this shameless thief until he finally resigns his position- he's not a monarch! (Or is he?)
    PLEASE though, when you're done with Rangel, turn your scope to the next rat that needs extermination- Shelly Silver. Both of these crooks exemplify EVERYTHING that's wrong with NYC politics. Crooks that use the lack of any challenges to their own entrenched power as rationalization to do their own will instead of the will of the people they are supposed to represent. NY POST- continue to shame the unshameable!!
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