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Free standing store or mall store?

When I was a kid, a trip to Sears on Alabama Avenue in DC was comprehensive. That's where our clothes, Dad's tools, everything for Mom, and most of our Christmas stuff came from. Tires came from Sears. Batteries came from Sears.

But you know what I think is really killing Sears? No hot nuts. Remember the distinctive smell of Sears? A blind man would know he was in Sears, because of the cashew nuts and candy in the middle of the store.

Oh, and when they started charging for the Sears catalogue.

The free standing Sears store was a destination. And the real estate they owned was the "hidden asset" which saved Sears from disappearing 15 years ago.

But those old Sears stores ran on a much higher profit margin I should think. A Sears suit or appliance salesman appeared to make pretty good money when they were paid on commission. Now everyone is hourly, and it shows.
the one I shop at is in a mall. small size. and this mall is a ghost town except for sears. everyone else moved or closed up. but Sears is still there. the other big chains moved to higher traffic area's and new business districts. there's also a full sized mall north of me. the only one still open there is Macy's.

we stay away from these new business area's. mob size crowds and driving and parking is a night mare

I remember the catalogs. as a kid I like looking thru the women's underwear section. wow. so that's what they look like with no clothe's on :D

hot nuts??? ahem.........no