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    One is greatly heartened to see that EFerrari made it into the top ten another year, as she obviously isn’t the winner of the Willie, that award given the DUmmie who over the years has done much to elevate and enhance the reputation and goodwill of democraticunderground the past ten years.

    The Willie’s an award more fitting for Beth, but Doug’s stupid ex-wife will have to be happy with being #08 Top DUmmie of 2011 instead; she was also #06 in 2005, #03 in 2007, #08 in 2008, #03 in 2009, and #03 in 2010. Perhaps she might win the Willie for 2012, but alas by that time it’ll be too late.

    Some years ago, someone compiled a thread, “DU: the Reality-Based Community,” a collection of various primitives and the drugs they alleged themselves to be taking. It goes without saying that the then-sfexpat2000 primitive boasted one of the longest lists of mood- and mind-altering pharmaceuticals she was taking.

    She blamed her anxieties and frustrations on George Bush.

    Anyway, a couple of years later, I printed off that list, and when seeing a physician, I presented him two of the drug-takers; a primitive whose name I no longer remember, and Doug’s stupid ex-wife. Starting with the caveat, “I know your professional ethics don’t allow you to diagnose people you don’t know and haven’t seen, but speculate, please, about the probable cerebral state of these two.”

    He hemmed and hawed, because yes, it’s against medical ethics to do such a thing. He did admit that was an awful lot of drugs, whose combination would inevitably have deleterious effects, and he himself would be highly reluctant about having a patient take this many drugs, and in that combination.

    “It would have to be a truly extraordinary case.

    “You said she’s from California; maybe she has Michael Jackson’s doctor.”

    Well, that I was all I could get out of him, and so I kept the list for another opportunity, which inevitably was bound to come—and it did, with a pharmacist who was less hampered by ethics than the physician.

    “Whoa—that’s a nutcase all right,” after which the scientific details.

    Now, it is possible Beth exaggerated when giving her pharmaceutical menu; after all, she’s been known to stretch things (or even entirely make things up out of thin air), and has a habit of boasting about the silliest things. It is possible she was just trying to “one-up” the other primitives. I dunno.

    However, it’s painfully obvious for this long-time Beth-watcher that serious cerebral degeneration has been taking place the past several years, which is why I’m happy she made at least #08 top primitive this year, because by the time awards are given out next year, she won’t be sentient enough to appreciate one.

    Doug’s stupid ex-wife was the one who caused the Greatest Discombobulation Ever, on Skins’s island back in 2005, when she unleashed the Scamdal that rocked the internet. There’s been other significant, uh, embarrassments to my fellow alum Skins—such as Fitzmas and Atman and the bobbling primitive getting the Bostonian Drunkard temporarily exiled—but nothing, nothing at all, on the scale of the Scamdal, which ran for months and engrossed hundreds of thousands, if not a few millions.

    That was when P-J Comix’s DUmmie Funnies, a mere thread on freerepublic, generated more “hits” than all of democraticunderground, for three days and almost a fourth.

    Beth has also been notable in her stalwart defense of Latin American dictators, cheering them on as they’ve oppressed and suppressed and killed. This of course is related to her self-identity as a “Latina woman.”

    I’ve seen self-posted photographs of Doug’s stupid ex-wife, back when she was plastering them all over the internet, taken, generally, during the early 1990s, when she was in her late 30s. She was rather lithesomely attractive back then (alas she no longer is now), and if I were a movie director, she would’ve been my first choice in casting the part of Messalina Agrippina in some ancient Roman epic, so fine and exquisite her Italianate characteristics.

    If she's a "Latina woman," she's one Hell of a genetic mutation.

    Such self-delusion is a common characteristic of primitivity; the primitives want to be a “victim,” and so oftentimes allege derivation from some long-ago oppressed minority. Beth was born in 1955, and was coming of age around the time of the lettuce crisis, which was especially profound in her area of California, and quite possibly in her mind, she “identified” herself with the lettuce-pickers.

    (She was also coming of age about the time of the Manson family, and perhaps entertained fantasies of joining Charlie and his girls further south in California, but she was still a tad bit too young to run away from home for that.)

    EFerrari was apparently married one other time before she met the hapless Doug, quite possibly to a guy of Hispanic derivation, giving her two half-Latino sons, both of whom’ve served some hard time in celebrated California penal institutions. But despite her allegations that her grandparents “from El Salvador” were given refuge by Leon Trotsky in Mexico City on their way north to the United States in the 1930s, that’s probably about as “Latina woman” as Beth can ever be.
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    Glad to see Beth made it into the top 10, posting like hers shouldn't go unrewarded. :D
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    Quote Originally Posted by bijou View Post
    Glad to see Beth made it into the top 10, posting like hers shouldn't go unrewarded. :D
    Agreed! :D
    May the FORCE be with you!
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