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    Sarah Ibarruri is new to the Top DUmmies, having never even been in the bottom half of the top twenty, but this year a double winner, of both #06 Top DUmmie of 2011 and the golden bong.

    Crazy Sarah’s been around Skins’s island a while, at least seven, perhaps eight, years.

    I have to disclose that I have a particular animus against Crazy Sarah; back in the autumn of 2004, she promised to leave the United States if George Bush were re-elected. She shortly thereafter disappeared from Skins’s island—or I just didn’t see her around—and so I assumed she’d kept her promise.

    However, a couple of years later, she was back to constantly hanging around there, and much to my sore surprise, I learned she’d never left at all, even though George Bush had been re-elected. (Remember, perhaps she was still there, but I just didn’t see her.)

    She’d lied. She hadn’t kept her promise.

    -Crazy Sarah understands us:

    Sarah Ibarruri Donating Member (1000+ posts) Wed Aug-03-11 03:41 PM
    Original message

    I think I'm finally understanding the right wing brain. This, from personal experience.

    I discovered this from having e-mailed with a right winger for a long while, and from being with a boyfriend who is a Libertarian (which to me, just means the person is a right winger but trying to seem cool). My relationship with the Libertarian is slowly dying, and leaving an ugly trail.

    But I digress.

    About right wingers:

    I think right wingers are astounded by, and almost WORSHIP, authoritarian types of individuals. The meaner the better. They see them as heroes.


    Right wingers get into all that militaristic, tough, punitive attitude. They have a certain abhorrance of weakness (maybe except in their woman).

    Very important is the fact that right wingers DESPERATELY NEED to have an enemy. They are repelled by the idea that 'everyone' should be one and get along. They do NOT feel comfortable with the lack of an enemy, and they need to have something to compare themselves to, someone lesser, someone they ascribe negative qualities to, so THEY themselves can feel superior and better, more Godly, etc. etc.

    These are people that CANNOT and DO NOT feel good about themselves unless someone somewhere is suffering and being punished.

    Has anyone else found this to be true in his/her dealings with right wingnuts?,62726.0

    -Crazy Sarah has an idea for a science fiction book:

    Sarah Ibarruri Donating Member (1000+ posts) Sat Aug-06-11 09:42 PM
    Original message

    I have an idea for a fiction sci-fi book. All right wingnuts suddenly disappear from the U.S....

    including right wingers posing as 'centrists' and 'Libertarians.' No one knows where they have gone. In truth, they have been beamed up by aliens.

    What would happen next...

    1) In the U.S.;
    2) In the world;
    3) And what do the aliens want them for?,62846.0

    There’s a lot of Crazy Sarah material; these are from the “posts that stand alone” in the DUmping Ground:

    Sarah Ibarruri (1000+ posts) ed Aug-10-11 10:52 PM
    Response to Original message

    1. I HATE American Christian churches. I didn't used to, until Republicans made me hate them.
    Sarah Ibarruri (1000+ posts) Wed Aug-10-11 11:46 PM
    Response to Reply #2

    3. Christian churches in the U.S. are bastions of Republicanism.
    Crazy Sarah after voting closed for 2011, made a too-late run for a higher ranking:

    -Crazy Sarah does some Christmas shopping:,67786.0

    -Crazy Sarah aggravated by adults who spoil their kids:,68007.0

    The above are just representative samples of Crazy Sarah during 2011; she also gained much prominence for her now-famous “boyfriend bouncies,” both well worth reading in their original, either here in the DUmpster or over on Skins’s island:

    Sarah Ibarruri Donating Member (1000+ posts) Sun Jul-17-11 01:38 AM
    Original message

    I'm very close to breaking up with my man because of Republicans

    The man I've been seeing is a right winger. Yeah, I know. I almost wear a sign on me that says, "If you're a right winger, get the F*** away," and yet here I am, dating a right winger.

    He's not as right wing as some of these a**holes, like Boehner, or Cantor, but he's right wing nonetheless. He doesn't argue with me, and I rave and froth at the mouth with hatred for the GOPigs, but he's patient and caring.

    But I'm reaching the end of my patience. I simply CANNOT, CANNOT endure being with someone who even remotely agrees with these sh*theads who have taken our country down a path to second world nation for the past 31 years. I am growing more and more angry with my guy, and I've nearly gotten to the point at which I'm ready to call it quits.

    I cannot be with a man who disagrees on topics of such importance, opinions which determine who will live and who will die, survival, jobs, how the neediest are treated, whether the old will die from having to decide between medication and a roof over their head, and such things.

    Right now I'm livid and cannot talk to him. He makes me sick.,61982.0

    Sarah Ibarruri Donating Member (1000+ posts) Fri Jul-22-11 11:49 AM
    Original message

    How right wing ideology is destroying my relationship with my boyfriend. Part II

    I had previously asked for advice on what to do about my boyfriend, who is a right winger. After long looking for a lefty, liberal, social democrat, etc., and finding none, I let myself fall for a right winger who claims to be Libertarian. However, since Libertarians are nothing but right wingers who want to be popular with the girls on the left, I was never fooled. Nonetheless, he was kind to me, tremendously funny, we talk endlessly about many things, he is family-oriented (which I am, being of Spanish-Cuban background), and he was not a cheapskate (nor am I).

    I received much advice, most of it to dump him, because although I like him, his views about life are horrific. When I say his views about life, I mean everything to do with real life (politics – who will live and die, who will eat and not eat, what shall be done about the helpless, the disabled, the poor, the old), how one views the least among us, etc. Let’s just say he’s a TYPICAL RIGHT WINGER when it comes to how life in this country should run, and he’s been happy as as a clam with it for the past 31 years, which I have not.
    I’ve been attacking him for his views, which I consider unconscionable and vicious, and pointing out that, whereas he’s rich, I’m not and the shit Republicans have been doing to this country for the past few decades, have affected me, my family, my friends, etc. He disagrees. This makes me livid.
    Well, last night he said a few things which made me really upset, and I began to cry out of frustration with his inability to use his brain and heart. Here they are:

    • He said it’s politicians, NOT the corporations with the mega-rich, who are to blame for the bad condition of our country (I disagree – politicians are the mere lackeys of corporations and the mega-rich. Behind the curtain if you pull it, you’ll always find the mega-rich and corporations);

    • He said that because he doesn’t trust politicians, he made damned sure that he was protected financially, and lived his life making sure of that. This is not fully correct. His parents left him money, aided him in buying his first house, etc. Also, he was lucky. He was born with a genius I.Q. I don’t have that, and most people also don’t. Lastly, he’s had luck. He seems to think that because he had luck, brains and parents who helped him, that everyone else should somehow be at the same financially comfortable level.

    • He claims that things were just as bad before Reagan for the middle class as they are now. I disagree.

    • He claims that I’m worried about my financial situation for nothing, since he can bail me out. I explained to him that it’s not about him flying in like Superman to help me. That I DEMAND to be able to function in a country, and not have my country trashed so badly, and my situation so impossible that I cannot even help myself.

    Someone explain to me why he, an intelligent man, is looking at things so skewed, so limited, wears such blinders. Are right wingers BORN emotionally hardened (and stupid) that way, or do they become that way?,62191.0
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    Ya, Sarah is speical

    Her breed of insanity demands that everyone and everything act as a mirror for her; if not, she tries to smash it.

    Maybe Sarah should check out a real mirror some day.

    Every thing she said about Republicans says more about herself then anything else.
    CU's Paranormal Expert.

    Keep your powder dry, your sword sharp and your wits intact.
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    Sarah's spot is well deserved, she has been a real kook this year.
    May the FORCE be with you!
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