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    Unfortunately the connection between the dweebs holding the "Grad with $250,000 in student loans and can't get a job" in the tents, and the students taking this themselves, will be lost on the kind of silver spoon asswipes and their in-hock-up-to-the-eyeballs imitators that go to Columbia and take this craptastic waste of credit hours.
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    This is the same school that welcomed Ahmedinejad and let him address the students. I'm not surprised, not even disappointed, just amused.

    Quote Originally Posted by SarasotaRepub View Post
    So parents are going to pay for their precious widdle ones to learn to be stinkin hippies???

    Are tents included??? :D
    Parents have been paying for that since the left took over the education establishment in the 60's.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kay View Post
    Will they be instructed in such things as the proper way to shit on a police car?
    Potty Training 101 ought to be a Pre-K level requirement, but given the level of academic performance coming out of the Ivy League, we should be prepared to accept that not everyone is prepared to do college-level work when they get to Grad School, so a remedial course will probably have to be added to the syllabus. The real question will be if they will accept this as part of a transfer from the local community colleges.
    Quote Originally Posted by BadCat View Post
    I seldom see resumes from graduates of Columbia University, I guess they don't turn out many techie types.

    But if I EVER DO see one, it's going into "File 13" immediately, with no further consideration.
    Before you do, check to see if they did any classes at Fordham. Columbia banned ROTC and anyone at the school who wants to do it goes to Fordham, and they tend to be less imbecilic than the rest of the Columbia grads.
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