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  1. #1 Couple, war veterans give new life to rescued wolf dogs 
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    Lockwood Valley, California (CNN) -- About 100 miles north of Los Angeles, 19 wolf dogs from Alaska are learning how to walk and run, without being tethered to a post.

    "They all have a little bit of a limp, walking up and down the hillside," said Dr. Lorin Lindner, who runs the Lockwood Valley Animal Rescue Center. "They are walking on different terrains, walking on rocks. Their (paw) pads will stiffen up pretty quick though."

    The wolf dogs had been on display at an Anchorage-area roadside attraction, spinning in circles on their 10-foot-long chains.

    Good Job on the rescue!
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Pretty dogs. I'm glad they get to have a good life now.
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    :mad: Mistreating animals is oone of the few things that set off my inner Genghis Khan.:mad:
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