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    Hello my name is Lauren and I am one of noworries best friends I was asked by her husband to put a note for everyone that has been praying for her family.

    Tonight at 6:22 Baby Jacob went home to be with Jesus he had been having seizures all day long they sent him down for some tests.

    When they brought him back to the NICU he had a awful seizure and the nurses and the doctors did everything they could to save his little life.

    This is now a personal note from a friend and feel free if I am stepping over the line to delete this part but noworries and her family have no insurance set up if something happened to either of the babies and now they have the hospital bill as well as the cost of a funeral. I know she will kill me if she saw this but please pray that somehow they will be able to atleast cover the cost of the funeral for the sweet baby boy they never got to hold tonight when he was gone. I am going to set up a special account for our church family to donate and no I am not saying this to get anyone to donate but to pray they get something to make this time easier for the family.

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    This is awful, will be praying for the family.
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    Oh no, this is such devastating news to read.
    Baby Jacob, budded on earth, bloomed in Heaven.
    My prayers will be with the family. :(

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    Words cannot express my sorrow for them. My thoughts and prayers are with them.
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    I would prefer CU not be used as a collection vessel since quite frankly, I have no way to verify where any $$$ would be going.

    May the FORCE be with you!

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