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    Yes I know it's alexandra pelosi , but still. This documentary contains almost no narration and very little of Alexandra's voice at all. It's almost 100% in the words of the children and parents of homeless familes living in motels.

    I've lived on the edge when I was a child, grew up around people living on the edge, and as an adult I've worked with people living right on the edge and it breaks my heart to see these kids, in their own words, expressing the struggles of millions of people.

    I got choked up watching this documentary.
    I don't think the OP was fishing for documentaries.
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    Many scenes in the Tree of Life were incredible. This movie blew me away.

    It's about family, about growing up, about parenting, about all of the little moments that have the most impact. It touches on the big issues such as the meaning of life and issues of faith, as they come through in every day situations. They don't overdo do it, trying to put too much emphasis on the most touching parts, it's fairly low-key, with a few notable exceptions.

    The whole "history of the universe" montage stood out from the rest of the movie, but what really had the most impact were the "smaller" scenes. They gave me that same sublime, shaky-openness feeling of familiarity mixed with emotional magnitude that I have when I remember things from my childhood that I haven't thought about in years.

    I can't praise this movie enough, even though the ending left me feeling like something was missing.
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