Pelosi Responds to Boehner Letter On Energy, Economy and Rangel

"This old Broad Needs To Go Back To La La Land !"

Dear Leader Boehner:
It is with great curiosity and concern that I read your letter of September 9, 2008.

It is cause for concern that you and your colleagues in the Republican House Leadership are in denial about the failure of the Bush-Republican Congress to grow the American economy. The record is quite clear that, with your complicity, the George W. Bush Administration now shares with the Administration of George H.W. Bush the worst record on job creation since Herbert Hoover in the 1930s.

It is curious that you would consistently side with the Big Oil companies against the U.S. taxpayers and consumers both on the House floor and during the recent recess.

It is also curious that you characterize the August District Work Period as a paid vacation. Perhaps you are projecting your own use of it as a vacation onto others who spent their time meeting with constituents to hear their views and, I would hope, to spend time with their families.

Your unfair and intemperate attack on one of the most distinguished and beloved Members of the House, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charles Rangel, is curious in light of the number of Republican Members whose ethical behavior has been under serious question and on which you have remained silent. Surely you are aware that Chairman Rangel immediately requested a review of all allegations by the bipartisan Committee on Standards of Official Conduct, and has pledged his full cooperation.

Your letter is an act of desperation that is inconsistent with the facts concerning the state of the economy. Since the Bush Administration took office in January 2001, with a Republican Congress, nearly 3.5 million Americans have lost their jobs, and the unemployment rate has increased from 4.2% to more than 6%. Hundreds of thousands of men and women have exhausted their unemployment insurance. Median household income has decreased, and real wages have remained almost flat. More than 5.5 million more Americans are living in poverty than at the end of the Clinton Administration. That is the record of the Bush economic policies that your Party pledges to continue.

Americans instead want us to go in a New Direction in response to the great harm the Bush Administrationís policies have caused in the economy, energy, national security, housing and historic growth in the deficit.

The American people expect, deserve and need us to work together to grow the economy and create good paying jobs. We accomplished that with enactment of the economic recovery legislation earlier this year, which provided urgent Recovery Rebates to 130 million American families, and is credited with having a beneficial impact on the economy at a critical time. In the days and weeks ahead, I hope we can again agree on another economic recovery initiative that includes: