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  1. #1 The US military has eleven active aircraft carriers. China has one aircraft carrier 
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    Tue Jan 10, 2012, 11:26 AM

    The US military has eleven active aircraft carriers. China has one aircraft carrier period

    And that is just active aircraft carriers.

    Yet the US will end two wars and our military budget will still rise. The only thing weak about the US military are the excuses to keep supporting the military industrial complex at all costs.

    think needs to try it once in a while.
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    That military industrial complex employs more American's then any other tax dollar that we spend.

    I have yet to see a single person who screams about this come up with a suitable alternative to what we spend our money on.

    I doubt I ever will.
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    These are the same bunch of assholes ( earlier generations of course) who had these same idea in 1914, 1931, 1939 and 1941. They think world would be a much safer place if we ignored things; it never seemed to work out ... every time.

    And these were also the same dumbasses who wanted the US to totally disarm in the 50's,60's 70's and 80's. They wanted America to lose the Cold War and embrace the joyful system used in the soviet Union, Eastern Europe and Red China.

    Of course now ( after rewriting history) every Moonbat tries to claim that it was in fact the American Left that won the Cold War.

    Wait till the remake of Red Dawn comes out, the Moonbats re-run the same old bullsh*t did they did during the Cold War.

    This is for all you " Left Wing Lurkers " reading this. Of course you can't mention this site or much of aything else on that cyber dictorship called Democratic Underground. Must be fun to live in a place where you're scared sh*tless of saying the wrong thing all the time; funny, we don't seem to have that problme over here ( where people have a love and respect for Free Speech).

    Maybe its long past due for you guys to bring your own Berlin Wall down.

    Have a happy :D
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    Military Industrial Complex (MIC) is the ultimate in stimulus spending, when you give it a thought. Items produced here in America used by Americans for America's best interest, at least in theory.

    I'm a little uncomfortable with the number of weapons and systems that are sold to foreign countries, but only a little.

    At least we ain't selling nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers.:)
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    I say sink it and go back to 11 to 0! :D
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeKwonDo View Post
    I say sink it and go back to 11 to 0!
    Be Not Afraid.
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