With or without Congress hes going to "keep at it" ... but it would be a lot easier if Congress would help. - Hugo Barry Chavez

Hes going to "keep at what?" Thats the point. Hes laughing at the Constitution. This is the mentality of a dictator. He isnt interested in streamlining anything. He isnt interested in making anything more efficient. What he really wants is statutory authority, the power, to create new departments and new more powerful agencies without having to go thru Congress. He wants to centralize power. This is the same man who swore fidelity to the Constitution and the Rule of Law and then mocks it. This is the same man who has already created over 150 new federal govt entities, depts, offices etc. There's Statute after Statute he wont enforce because he deems them unconstitutional. Hes appointing people to Presidential positions that require advise and consent or non consent from the Senate. But then he says theyre in recess, I'll do what I want. And the idea is to give him more power? He's demanding it! The entire purpose of the Constitution was to prevent a man like this from doing what he wants to do. Apparently hes really infatuated with this dictatorial stuff.