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    Probably a troll but they can't resist answering...

    georgecolombo (53 posts) Sat Sep-13-08 04:12 PM

    Original messageBiden to step aside??

    For whatever it's worth, this showed up in my Inbox a few moments ago:

    Can you believe this scenario?

    Biden steps aside to make room for Hilary on the OBama ticket.

    I have some inside information that this deal is in the works and will be brokered and announced very soon.

    Stay tuned…

    I have no idea what sort of inside information my corespondent might have but he does have media connections and does not have a history of being a flake. Having said that, I don't believe the rumor and, for a variety of reasons, hope it's not true.
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    liberalpress (1000+ posts) Sat Sep-13-08 04:44 PM
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    61. Somebody please tell me...
    What IS the right wing fascination with Hillary all about? I just don't get it.
    secondwind (338 posts) Sat Sep-13-08 04:53 PM
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    69. deep inside their souls, they are afraid of her.............she can run rings around them,and she is
    definitely more intelligent than all of them put together.
    Physicians, heal thyselves.

    The irony. It burns.
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