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    Quote Originally Posted by jinxmchue View Post
    Specifically fundamentalists (which is synonymous with "Dominionist" to these people), but yes.
    *sigh* :(
    Stand up for what is right, even if you have to stand alone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PoliCon View Post
    so basically dominionism is somthing the left made up to throw at Christians who actually think that living by Christian principles is the way to go.
    As I understand it, it is a projection of the values of Islamic radicals...but, of course, the lefties are far too fearful, and supportive, of Islamic radicals to admit that they've projected those ideas onto the non-threatening, safe-to-hate Christians.

    In actual dollars, President Obama’s $4.4 trillion in deficit spending in just three years is 37 percent higher than the previous record of $3.2 trillion (held by President George W. Bush) in deficit spending for an entire presidency. It’s no small feat to demolish an 8-year record in just 3 years.

    Under Obama’s own projections, interest payments on the debt are on course to triple from 2010 (his first budgetary year) to 2018, climbing from $196 billion to $685 billion annually.
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    Sarah Palin has come out of nowhere as the VP nominee,
    Wrong. She came out of ALASKA and she's the govenor.
    OBAMA is the one who came out of nowhere and has no experience.

    She supports creationism being taught in schools,
    Not exactly.

    doesn't think that humans are causing global warming,
    .... because they aren't. Or at least, there is no solid proof that they are.

    believes that humans have the right to slaughter animals into extinction,

    is anti-choice even in the cases of rape and incest,
    Wrong. The choice was made at the time of sex. However, in the case of rape and incest she believes that the child should not be murdered, no matter how he or she was conceived.

    is against stem-cell research,
    Wrong. She's against FETAL stem-cell research. There is a big difference.

    . Strict gender roles would be imposed,
    Wrong. If she believed that then she wouldn't be govenor right now and she wouldn't be running for VP.

    gay people would be executed,
    Wrong. So that's why she made sure that they had rights in Alaska ??? So she could turn around and execute them?

    ethnic minorities would be enslaved,

    and white men would rule the nation.
    Wrong again.

    John McCain .... If elected, he will be the oldest person elected to the presidency.

    The Catholic sect, Opus Dei, is similar in their views to those of the Dominionists.
    Wrong. My best friend and her entire family are Opus Dei. They aren't even close to Dominionists.

    :mad: where do these idiots come from? :mad:
    If leftists didn't have double standards, they'd have no standards at all.
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