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Missouri student loses driving rights for flying Confederate flag

REPUBLIC, Mo. | A southwest Missouri student lost his driving privileges at school for flying a Confederate flag on his truck.

The Republic school district twice suspended Riley Collier's driving privileges because of concern that the flag distracted some students and was offensive to others.

Collier says he does not understand why he can't fly the flag while driving to and from Republic High School. He does not consider the flag racist. He says it's about history and the way of life where he grew up.

Republic School District Superintendent Vern Minor says he can't talk about the situation because it involves a student.

more . . . http://www.kansascity.com/2012/01/18...s-driving.html
Of course the DUmmies all instantly agree that the confederate flag is automatically RACIST. These are they very same libtards, who, if you bring up the fact the Lincoln was the first Republican and abolished slavery will instantly go off on a screed about how The Civil War was about much more than slavery (which it was) so that doesn't really count.

Personally, I'm not from the south so I don't get the whole Confederate flag thing but when I do see one I don't start screaming RACIST and bloody murder.

I don't think "the jury" is gonna let this post stand for very long:

12. This is a test for DU and we are failing miserably.

As disgusting as this is, we should be adamently opposed to this.