My God does this douche nozzle expect anyone to believe this fiction?


I got a rapist fraternity boy arrested on campus today.

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Im sorry, I didn’t edit this because im still jittery. So please pardon the typos.

Over the past few weeks, months on DU I’ve been reading about the culture of rape and violence against women that is prevalent in our society. This is, as I have found, especially the case on college campuses where groups like fraternities and athletic teams (though it is not solely them, it is prevalent everywhere) consider women to be objects; they pass out rape surveys; and blame women when they are the victim. It is very disturbing and I want to thank the people at DU who have brought this subject to light, regardless of the fact that even some people here don’t like it.

I am very proud today because I did a good deed. I was walking through the cafeteria in the student union and a fraternity (the same national fraternity, whose members made the rape survey in Vermont) had set up a recruitment table. They were also selling cookies and things for a fundraiser. I walked by and they asked if I wanted to buy some of the cookies. It just sickens me to see them on campus because I know what they stand for and what they celebrate—violence against women and the glorification of sex at any price. Im sure this fraternity was guilty of it too. Why else would a young man join a fraternity if not be around others who share in their hatred of women? I yelled at them and called them what they are—rapists who practice violence against women. I yelled loud enough so the students sitting in the cafeteria would know what type of people share their classrooms.

I was trying to do two things. 1. Warn other students of their intentions and 2. Try to shame them into renouncing their actions (hoping that they had some conscience left). At first the fraternity boys at the table just looked down in disgust, they clearly knew what they did was wrong. I thought I was getting through to them. Then one of them got up and shoved me. Obviously he saw me as a ‘threat to his future sexual conquests.’ How dare I warn people, how dare I be concerned with the safety of women on our campus?!? Im not a big guy so I did go down on my backside (don’t worry, no harm done).

But it just so happens that a campus police officer was walking toward the table and saw the assault. He arrested the frat boy and I WILL be pressing charges for assault. I am still one this adrenaline high even though this happened about an hour ago. I got a rapist off of the campus. This is great. I feel like Ive really done something for the betterment of the community as a whole. Thanks DU!!!