The hypocrisy of DU liberal and progressives is on full display.


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A politician's personal relationship with his/her spouse does matter!!

when that politician chooses to tell others about the sanctity of marriage, limits the right to marry to heterosexual couples while having an affair, abandoning a spouse when facing major health issues, and....

leading an effort to IMPEACH A PRESIDENT BECAUSE OF AN AFFAIR while having an affair at the same time.!!!!

I'm just livid. I remember all the Republicans claiming that Clinton's actions were a national crisis. I remember how every important issue was ignored in favor of dissecting a President's sexual activities. I remember the HYPOCRISY and I remember who lead the demise of our government. So yes, I don't forgive and forget.

I am livid that the pundits are now saying it was a long time ago and a person's sexual activities don't matter. Yes they do.
It's liberals who say that a persons sexual life DOESN'T matter. Now all of a sudden they change their mind and say it does.

Not to mention that Clinton's "affair" was with a direct subordinate, a younger woman.

And, Republicans were criticizing Clinton BECAUSE he LIED about it under oath.

For some reason liberals either don't see that as a problem or have MAJOR issues with their memory.

All one can do is laugh at their attempts to make this a bigger issue than it is.
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2. It's the hypocrisy that matters, not the sex.

I care no more about the sex life of an (R) than I do that of a (D) or anyone else. I care that they pretend to higher "morals"- "morals" they want to impose on the rest of us- that they can't even live up to themselves
.But the hypocrisy of liberals doesn't matter.