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Newt's affairs and moral failings were public knowledge and Cain's were quiet until, and merely through happenstance, only after he became a front runner.
So Newt gets a pass just because it's old news?

All that plus his bashing the last couple of weeks of venture capitalists has really been turning me off. So much so I was on the way to becoming a Romney supporter. I started reading up on Romney to see why not Mitt over a scumbag like Newt. Then I ran across an article where Romney had supported the Boy Scouts being forced to let gays serve as scout leaders among other items that made my stomach churn.

I think this is the worst choice I've ever had in the way of who to vote for. I've tried to get enthused and behind somebody but honestly I don't like anybody running this year. In the end I'll vote for the republican nominee who ever it may be but it will not be enthusiastically. Blech!