Teh Stupid is strong in this one...

Sun Jan 22, 2012, 08:24 AM
wilt the stilt

Will the Civil war be back?

If Newt wins it is truly the Civil war again. Newt winning is SC is firing the first shot again. The heat and hateful rhetoric was on display at the debates. First, he basically called Juan a n****r and then we get the women the next day complimenting him that he put Juan in his place. Then he bashes the news(North and Washington) in the second debate.

It was pugilistic and brought back the feelings that embody the south(I live here and can't wait to leave). (Please, buy a bus ticket and leave...)
In other words "You can't tell us we can't own people".
It's been brewing for a long time and electing the black man brought it out.

Same old pathetic hate filled shit we've come to expect and it will get way worse...

Newt elected as POTUS might cause some of these scum to actually leave the USA for real. :D