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Mon Jan 23, 2012, 01:11 PM

Occupy Oakland To Begin New Protest This Weekend

Help Occupy Oakland Get Settled into its New Home on January 28

(We're attention seeking scum!!!)

Occupy Oakland is about people providing for themselves and for others, since it is clear that the system can no longer provide for them. It is a place where people who are fed up can come together and develop new forms of struggle.
(You mean playing Dirty Hippie.)

Since November, the city of Oakland and its police force have made it impossible for us to meet, to serve food, and to provide a place for people to stay, in our original home at Oscar Grant Plaza.
(Your "Home"?? It's a fucking park you assholes.)

At the same time, all over the city, thousands of buildings sit empty for the simple reason that they exist to enrich the 1% rather than meet peopleís needs for space and shelter.
(Bullshit you douchebags. It's private property.)

Occupy Oakland has a demonstrated need for such a space. We have served tens of thousands of meals without charge, provided a place for thousands of people to sleep free from police repression, planned and carried out actions in which tens of thousands of people have participated. Most importantly, unlike a charity, Occupy Oakland provides people with the opportunity to get involved and determine the direction of the movement. It is open to the initiative of everyone.
(Crush the Scum!! Nicely of course, we don't want blood on the bystanders.)