Dateline Portland Oregon, January 18, 2011 - Lock up the kids honey, Occupy Portland is on the move again. I have been doing Citizen Journalism for about a year and a half now. File this one under whatever the heck you want: I have officially seen it all. In a bizarre creepy twist to the so-called “movement,” which has cost the city well in excess of $1.75M, Occupy Portland has formed a group called: ”Occubears.”
The information for the group includes the following:
Carebears come to life to protect the 99% and heal the 1%

– Occubears are the frontline peace block to help protect protestors from the police batons.

Current needs:
– Base of operations (preferably the same location) A.K.A. Care-A-Lot
– A place to store materials & equipment that will become the occubears.
– A place to build them.

– To creatively design the occubears for both comfort and functionality on the front lines- to help build the Occubears once the design phase is complete.

– Suits: (Single Colored) Hoodies, Sweat pants, Big puffy jackets.
– Padding: Soft plush material stuffing, old camping pads, old pillows, old down comforters, old comfy chairs.
– Joint pads: Knee, elbow, shoulder hips & fingers/hands
– Helmets (baseball, football, skate boarding, rollerblading, snow boarding)
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