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    Clinton Casts Wide Net of Exaggeration, Claims to Lead in “Every Poll”

    BILLINGS, MONT. -- During an evening rally in Montana’s largest city Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton explained to the crowd why she should be the Democratic Party’s nominee, but what ensued was a list of overstatements and exaggerations as she made her case. “You have to ask yourself, who is the stronger candidate? And based on every analysis, of every bit of research and every poll that has been taken and every state that a Democrat has to win, I am the stronger candidate against John McCain in the fall,” she said.

    The problem is, there are a number of polls that show Clinton in a close race with John McCain, many within the margin of error, not including a few that show Barack Obama beating McCain by a larger margin than Clinton. The comment was intended to prove to voters that despite Obama’s popularity, she has what it takes to beat John McCain. Clinton said that voters have to ask themselves, “Who is the stronger candidate against John McCain? We have not gone through this exciting, unprecedented, historic election, only to lose,” she said.

    For days, Clinton has been grasping at almost anything to make her case to voters as the clock in the campaign winds down. Most recently Clinton compared the plight of Florida and Michigan voters to the struggles of the early suffragists and likened the primaries of those states to the fraudulent election that took place in Zimbabwe.
    Video at link...

    Mrs. Clinton wouldn't stretch the truth for personal gain would she?!

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    Neither would Obama. As it would foul the memory of his recent ancestors who liberated Auschwitz!

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    She doesn't lead in the poll of elected Democrat delegates. Isn't that like the only important one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gator View Post
    She doesn't lead in the poll of elected Democrat delegates. Isn't that like the only important one?
    It's certainly the most important one when it comes to choosing a nominee. But she's right, she is a much tougher fighter, and Mccain is much closer to her POV than he is to Obama's. Clinton has a better shot at winning than Obama does, and is leading at least most polls.

    If the Dem primary mirrored general election practices, such as winner takes all and electoral value, then Hillary would have absolutely trounced Obama. You'd think the democrats would want their primary to have a closer relationship to what it takes to win the general.

    But I don't think the Democrats or the Republicans should focus only on electability. Obama is young, idealistic, and very opposed to the status quo, the war, free trade, etc. He's a much better representative for the democrats than Hillary. It's better for the country that we have a real debate between two very distinct candidates.

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