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  1. #1 Conservative Christian parents fight for right to discriminate against LGBT students 
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    Conservative Christian parents fight for right to discriminate against LGBT students

    A slew of conservative Christian parents — and even an orthodox rabbi — implored the Anoka-Hennepin School District to purge schools of any mention of homosexuality and demanded that teachers teach about the “ex-homosexual” movement and “gay-related immune deficiency.” One district member even assailed Dan Savage’s It Gets Better campaign as vulgar and accused the popular columnist of teaching children about “three-ways.” Several people testified using little more than versus from the Bible that are often used to demean and degrade the LGBT community.

    The controversy in the district is over the sexual orientation curriculum policy also called the “neutrality policy” which says that LGBT issues are not to be discussed in the district’s schools. Six students are suing to eliminate the policy on the grounds that it makes for a hostile school environment and the district announced last month that they are considering scrapping the policy and replacing it with one that deals with “controversial topics” but doesn’t single out LGBT students and issues.

    But the Parents Action League, a group of conservative Christians, want the policy to remain.

    Brian Lindquist and Mike Skaalerud presented a resolution and list of demands that the Parents Action League wants to the school board to fulfill including incorporating “ex-gay” therapy into the school resources.
    View the full resolution at the link

    Isn't religion such a wonderful thing? Especially when one uses it to oppress and demonize others? Yeah, good stuff.
    So, having a neutrality policy on a controversial topic "oppresses and demonizes others", and is discriminatory?

    No, this is just one more example that shows that gays and liberals who support them just can't stand it if they cannot sell the gay lifestyle as acceptable and force others to celebrate it.

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    2. This is backlash to the school districts proposal to change thecurriculum to be more inclusive and affirming.

    The district has had an inordinate number of suicides among teens, some of which seem clearly related to issues around sexual identity.

    Good news is that it appears the students are supportive of the change. In addition, the PAL resolution is so outrageously homophobic that it has virtually no chance of being passed.
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    3. I think it is the fear of being labled a "bigot" that allows these things to get this far along.

    Meaning that people are afraid to say that things like this are bullshit religious nonsense (which I would hope we all agree it is) but then get labeled a bigot by those that hold those beliefs.

    If we stop allowing religious beliefs to held above criticism and scrutiny and giving it the privilege of protection, we would probably see very little of this stuff. No prop 8, no embryos are people, no gays are an abomination, none of that crap. The problem is that nearly ALL Americans have some religious beliefs, and they see that by allowing ANY criticism of the more wacky claims of religion would open up their "more reasonable" beliefs to the same criticism. That is the problem, IMO.
    Right. If we could just sensor and prohibit those we disagree with we could do and say anything we wanted.

    But they are the loving and tolerant ones.
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    The neutrality policy is the smartest one the school district can have. They can still deal with any bullying for any reason without having to single out one group to get a higher level of protection than others (do we protect gay students? Band geeks? Nerds?).

    The PAL group is delusional if they think that the school district is going to list "Ex-gay counseling" among their resources. Most of the experts in the fields of psychology, psychiatry and social work view forcing someone to participate in "Ex-gay counseling" to be psychological torture. If parents make a kid go to such counseling, it could be considered psychological abuse and will give the school grounds to make a CPS referral. Once that happens, parental decisions regarding that child will all have to be approved by the state or it's designated representative.

    I do have to laugh at the original poster spelling Bible verses as Bible versus.
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