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Sat Jan 28, 2012, 08:17 AM

Now I need info on Chicago, G8 & Occupy

I'm pretty sure there will be Occupy activies planned for May for the G8 summit, but I am having trouble getting info.

I understand that plans would be pretty preliminary right now but we want to try to piece together how we can get there, if there will be room for camping or if we would need a room. I sent an email to OccuCHi but no answer yet.

Does anyone know where they would most likely call a protest? WHat park. I think they are expecting a huge crowd. If anyone is in the area, do you know what park they usually use or what parks would be most likely used for a huge summit protest?

Just trying to map out areas and metro ways to get around.

any help is appreciated. We are considering driving or taking a train into Chicago.

They didn't get back to a DUer???? What the hell is with those losers???? :D