"Why are we not allowed drill offshore for US oil, but China is drilling where we cannot?"

"Why Don't You Have the courage to pave the way for refinery construction, oil exploration and drilling"

Why is the U.N. holding conferences about rising food prices, but not spiraling oil prices that in various ways account for them?
One would have thought the President, who was on right side of these production issues, would give a national address calling for a bipartisan effort to produce energy to get us through these hard times, or Republican senators would now be reintroducing energy legislation almost daily.
And why are Republicans, who voted in overwhelming numbers for off-shore drilling, ANWR, nuclear, shale, tar sands, liquid coal, etc—and were opposed by Democrats on grounds of wanting to enrich energy companies—not appealing to the country to develop domestic supplies on the basis of fairness .
But given the current conservative ineptness, $5 a gallon gas will be blamed on the war, or lack of federal subsidies to solar, or the oil companies, and not the elite agenda of utopians who were not willing to do what was necessary for the collective good to help us transition through to new fuels.
I have been researching ANWR lately and I’m convinced that drilling there will decrease our dependence on foreign oil long enough to enable energy companies to come up with alternative solutions.
We must promote federal spending in motivating companies to do this. The amount of area drilled in ANWR is 1/16 th of the entire wildlife reserve. The entire reserve is not open for drilling. The government needs to open section 1002 with environmental regulations that protect as much as possible, while still allowing oil companies to extract oil.
Not to mention the job creation that would definitely be beneficial to the people of Alaska.