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I went to Catholic school in the late sixties. The school was actually very careful about religious bias. We had religion class, mass on Wednesday (optional for non-catholics but I can't recall anyone not attending) and prayers here and there, like when an ambulance would go by. I can't recall anything approaching "Catholicism is the only true church." and yet, I did somehow come away from it or my own Episcopal church with the impression that Jews and Asbury Methodists were going to Hell.

Other religions weren't even discussed in my elementary..and if they were, I have no recollection of it. I went to elementary in the late 70's, early 80's. I recall it strange if you were christian but not a Catholic. It seems the catholic schools back then were more prejudiced against other Christian sects than they were Judiasm or something else. I recall the horror on the kids faces when we learned those Protestant priests could marry!! Oh the horror! lol

I'm not making fun, btw...I'm just reminiscining. I still think the education in parochial schools are superior than public...and that's what counts.